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Gene & Shelley K.

“We learned a lot of very valuable information. Thanks!”

Heather L.

“Steve was awesome and very helpful. I learned a lot. Thanks Steve!”

Kim S.

“Very helpful and wonderful at explaining everything; very personable. Thank you!”

Raquel & Luis

“Very professional inspection; overall very satisfied with our inspection.”

Mitchell W.

“Steve is doing such a great job inspecting the home and he seems that his concern and caring about the security of the people and the home.”

Stephanie P.

“Steve is wonderful, very knowledgeable. He spent the time needed. Well worth the dollars.”

Angel M.

“Very helpful and informative. Answered any questions we had. Steve was very helpful.”

Shawn H.

“Very satisfied!”

Robert L.

“Personable and very informative.”

Mitchell G.

“Very cordial and fun to work with. Steve took his time to explain in great detail.”

Scott R.

“Provided great insight.”

Gary L.

“My new friend!”

David W.

“Thanks for all the help and suggestions.”

Bryan W.

“Steve did a great job. I feel better about buying a home.”

Norma & Carlos M.

“Very informative and knowledgeable in his field. Took his time to explain everything, Very pleasant.”

Cheryl B.

“Inspector was very informative and gave tips to the home buyer.”

Andrew B.

“Thanks for coming last minute and for going over everything in detail and explaining it.”

Dan O.

“It was very helpful to get some suggestions on how to improve the home that went above and beyond the inspection report.”

Al C.

“Very well done from beginning to end.”

Natalie T.

“Very helpful and informative. Enjoyed the lessons on cleaning the furnace and water tank. Very friendly too!”

Shelby O.

“Good guys. Very thorough and seemed to have the best interest when pointing things out. Really know what they are talking about.”

Patrick K.

“He was great and very informative while going over everything in great detail. He also told me how to fix some things. I would use him again and tell others to use him too.”

Maryam A.

“Prompt; on time. Professional and very detailed. Encouraged questions. Great inspector!”

Nicole M.

“I used you before, great job!”

Whitney B.

“Excellent service. Steve was very helpful and professional. I appreciate his expertise and would highly recommend him!”

Philip B.

“Scheduling was quick and convenient; flexible and worked with our schedule. Inspection was very thorough and inspector explained both the issues and the things that were correct. Will definitely use in the future.”

Justin L.

“I have had a few inspections in the past and this was by far the best!”

Matt L.

“Steve was very knowledgeable. As a first time Michigan home buyers we felt very confident in the information that was given to us.”

Richard B.

“Outstanding, helpful and answered all questions.”

George H.

“Very nice, knowledgeable and thorough inspectors.”

Phillip B.

“Scheduling was quick and convenient; flexible and worked with our schedule. Inspection was very thorough and inspector explained both the issues and things that were correct. Will definitely use again in the future if necessary.”

Renee M.

“Very helpful and knowledgeable service. Suggestions on cleaning the hot water heater and furnace were extremely helpful and appreciated. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.”

Liza G.

“I really appreciate him taking his time to explain everything in a detailed manner; very professional and friendly.”

Robert P.

“Excellent service, I will definitely use them again.”

Randy Z.

“Very professional.”

Leigh C.

“Very pleased.”

Rene P.

“Steve was excellent, gave great detail on what needs to be fixed and why; very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Braxton H.

“I would recommend your services to anyone I know looking at purchasing a home.”

Lindsey G.

“Very kind, considerate, and professional.”

Rasko A.

“Great service, Steve was very informative and helpful explaining everything. I was extremely pleased.”

Thomas O.

“Very professional, knowledgeable; a pleasure to work with.”

Scott L.

“Steve was very helpful with tips and pointers on general home maintenance, items not related to the inspection.”

Randy & Cindy B.

“Steve, thank you so much for the wonderfully complete CD of the inspection report which you did today. We’ve never been in the position of needing such an inspection and really didn’t know what to expect but you would have exceeded these anyway. Having not only worded descriptions but accompanied by actual photographs and suggestions is, well, priceless. You made us feel comfortable with our decision to purchase this property and we were glad to hear your unbiased opinion. Don’t hesitate to use our name as a reference when the need arises. Thanks again, Steve.”

Gina B.

“Steve was excellent for personable, professional. This is my first home and he made me fell very comfortable and relaxes with a stressful situation.”

Allan K.

“Steve provided excellent information for low cost solutions to issues. I am very pleased with service.”

Rodney S.

“Learned a lot from the home inspection.”

David S.

“Excellent inspection. Very through and very informative. All problem areas were identified and recommended fixes were informative.”

James G.

“Prompt, on time, knowledgeable, and professional.”

Jessica C.

“Referral from Mother. Very informative inspection. I fully understand everything that has been done today and the safety concerns that would apply to my family.”

Brian Y.

“We feel comfortable with the inspection and are very happy with the results. Steve taught us quite a bit about the home. Very happy with the inspection.”

Angela D.

“Steve was wonderful in inspecting and answering all questions in my home. I will refer him to anyone who needs a home inspection.”

Kenneth W.

“You could have not sent a better inspector. Very nice and professional with a good sense of humor. Explained everything very well.”

Kathy B.

“I appreciate the thoroughness and extra mile that Steve went to make sure that we were informed.”

Matt P.

“Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. Very easy to talk to. I will highly recommend this company to friends and family.”

Dan J.

“Awesome guy! Great to work with. Everything was perfect. Recommend to everyone.”

Gerald D.

“Just excellent service.”

Grant M.

“Very professional.”

Shaun M.

“Thank you for explaining my concerns and small home fixes! I will call again for my next house.”

Amber S.

“Inspector was very helpful and professional.”

Brian B.

“Very helpful. Nice to get advice on not only improvements that need to be made but on how to maintain the home properly.”

Cindy W.

“I feel very confident in Steve’s skills and inspection ability.”

Madeline K.

“Great job! Very detailed pleased and knowledgeable.”

Jessica F.

“Steve was fantastic.”

Lisa Y.

“Loved getting email confirmations and reminders. Very professional.”

Paul V.

“Better then the first guy I used!”

Stacey R.

“Thank you for taking the time to explain in ENGLISH.”

Johnathon H.

“Steve did an outstanding job. I cannot say enough good about him or the job that he did. He explained everything in wonderful detail. I will be referring everyone I know to him.”

Ronald A.

“Very thorough and friendly. Lots of good advice – will recommend.”